Indiiyah Ananda Aum Ra'aa is a divine feminine empowerment leader, cosmic high-priestess, master healer, soul mission activator, and gifted multi-dimensional healer, channel, master energy alchemist.

Her mission is to create a wave of glorious momentum in support of her sisters so they may claim their mastery, abundance, and empowerment once again. 

She knows no limitations when it comes to helping you manifest your greatest dreams and heal your wounds so you may rise in all your power. 

As a highly sensitive person growing up in the aftermath of a war and conflict-ridden country, she has been bullied all her life, told that she will never be able to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

She battled severe panic attacks from a very young age, later on, joined by depression anorexia and psychological and mental anguish that almost demanded her life.

After a psychic break and near-death experience, she had her first spontaneous awakening experience by the shores of Mexico, where she engaged in her first conscious communion with the archangels and her cosmic guides.

She spent the last 20 years searching, learning, growing, and often getting lost in the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala. She has not only educated herself from a scientific perspective but also found her cosmic and shamanic heritage, ignited her psychic gifts and extraordinary healing abilities, and dedicated her life to uplifting fellow sensitive women.

She has since worked with hundreds of women both in person and in her online coaching work.

She is a certified master healer, Avesa healer, Cosmic Life Regressionist, Atlantean Healer Chamber practitioner, Ascended Numerologists, Quantum Clairvoyant, Rudraksha Practitioner and also the creator/channel of countless meditations and programs. 

She also spent 7 years training as a psychotherapist though choose not to complete her studies and get licensed as the limitations of the profession were not acceptable for her. 

She wanted to find ways to truly heal, not just "cope".

She has also spent close to a decade working for an award-winning European marketing company, has been a professional snowboard racer and trainer, an actress, a published writer and more.

She is committed to forever ongoing expansion and growth so she may be of greater and better service.


"It was dark as far as I could see. A jaguar roared in what I felt was not enough distance. I was excited, scared and having vivid visions and flashbacks. Then a memory from this life made me start shedding tears.



The little girl who could barely walk reached to grab a book in a bookstore with a giant pyramid on the cover. She started smiling saying "here momma here" while pointing at it with great enthusiasm.​


I remembered this story I heard so often growing up as I was sitting on top of Chichen Itza, watching the starry night, listening to the sounds of the jungle ( and of the security guards... we were not supposed to be there).


The book was of this pyramid. And my  Indiana Jones obsessed inner child was filled with contentment. 


I was also filled with an understanding and a confirmation that I was seeking all my life. That I am not crazy.

That my cosmic dreams, my way of viewing the world and my calling to be of service, service that is beyond the current level of consciousness or understanding of the world- is real. All real.


And that my suffering, my almost death, my severe health, and mental issues were not in vain. 



I was told I will never be normal or healthy. By doctors, by psychologists. 


Guess what. They were wrong and I was right. I always knew healing is possible and I always knew I am meant to herald a new age, a new consciousness and a new way of being. 


I healed. My suffering was my initiation. 


My human preparation to express my cosmic truth. My mastery.


My mission is to be a living example that everything we want is achievable. 

That we can heal all traumas, all blocks, and let go of all limitations.


That we can break out of the box we accepted as our life and create whatever we desire. 


I am here to teach and guide. To bring you home to yourself. To assist you in awakening. 


 The impossible does not exist.


Awakening and enlightenment are real, I am here to guide you to it through the maze of the human experience.


I am a direct channel of all that is.

I am one with the universe.

I bring forth energies to you and the planet that our minds can't comprehend. 


And I still climb pyramids and do sacred ceremonies in the dark jungle. Maybe one day you will join me for one ;) "



Cosmic hugs