An all-encompassing ascended business creation experience, offering you

all you need to know,

and all you need to do,

in order to have a thriving expression of your soul's work in the 3D realm. 

In this program, you will ignite your confidence, empowerment, and the divine inspiration within to show up fiercely and with great joy!

Let 2021 be YOUR year!

Empowerment, abundance, fulfillment, creative joy. 
Just a few things from the long list of miracles that describe a spiritual entrepreneurial journey.

Showing up and being of service, supports not only our planet but your own expansion and happiness as well.
The Ascended Business group coaching program is a soulful, channeled path towards the unleashing of your potential.

So much more than "just" a business launch program, through this all-encompassing experience,
you will have the opportunity to discover the leader within, learn highly useful skills as a human,
as a cosmic being having the human experience and as the entrepreneur and service provider you are destined to be.


       In this program you will learn: ​

  • How to set aligned goals 

  • How to trust your intuition

  • How to be in flow

  • How to work your life as a holistic unit to reach greater success 

  • How to show up and get started and find your voice 

  • How to create aligned business strategies 

  • How to create the right offers and prices 

  • How to be an exceptional healer/coach/leader/service provider 

  • How to have an ascended and stable mindset 

  • How to create content 

  • How to find your tribe 

  • How to create courses/programs/freebies 

  • How to create your online space  

  • How to create your visual brand 

  • How to master going live

  • How to find your passion

  • And more! 

For 16 weeks, with weekly support videos, PDFs and audios, and bi-weekly group coaching calls (that you can submit your questions for even if you can't make it live), you will not only learn all you need to thrive,
but you will also be led through a business creation process AND have the opportunity to get mentored on your creation.

While your sacred mission may need to take a legal form in this world, it is NOT a business as the collective understanding would have it. 

It is your SACRED expression. It is your divine destiny. It is why you are here. 

Putting all the patterns of the old-paradigm based business understanding on one's souls work can be seriously limiting and even anchor one's growth into the 3rd dimension, thereby limiting the ascension experience. 


What if I were to tell you that the reason you fear starting your own business (or why it is growing so slowly) is that simply you do not resonate with how it is all being taught in the mainstream?  

That your soul cannot be fit into a tight box? That the way the world conducts and teaches business (including the spiritual world) is still very much density and 3D based?  

Even the Law of Attraction is a 3D concept, in its true ascended form it becomes the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation. 

It is not to say, that there is anything wrong with any of it. It clearly works, people are making money, feeling successful. It's all good. 

Except if you are like me, and the whole thing just doesn’t resonate with you. 

And if you feel the joy and curiosity bubbling inside of you, you are at the right place, because you are ready to have an Ascended Business! 

And you can get all the knowledge and walk through the entire creation process in an affordable 16-week group program. 


You will also receive “creation assignments” that will walk you through the entire business launch process, in an easy DIY way. 

The program will be held in a private FB group, with weekly live sessions every

Saturday at 1 pm PT. 

The sessions will alternate between classes and group coaching calls, offering you the opportunity to submit your questions even if you can't be there live. 

And you will even have the opportunity to purchase personalized channeled art (such as FB page/group cover art, visual design, website design, etc) well below the online standard prices if you would desire some additional help there too.  


This program will give you everything you need to get started, and to keep thriving. 

You do need to be willing to follow through, that will be on you! The rest is delivered. 

You will see running a business through completely different eyes and have an ascended understanding that is fit for the new world that is emerging.  

Be ahead of the curve and run a truly aligned soul business! 

This program is good for complete beginners as well as season business owners, looking for

a fresh perspective.

It is my intention to create a huge wave of ascended entrepreneurs, modeling the new and authentic way of creating abundance!

Because business doesn't have to be hard.

We don't have chase clients.

We don't have to sell any part of our souls and hearts to make it.

We don't have to fit into any mold or box.

and we can ALL be tremendously successful and abundant in our own right!!!

The program starts on the 16th of January 2021

The entire program (lifetime access) is only $380 or 4x$99


Until the 28th of December, you also get 2 gift months in the

Mystery School of Ascension membership!

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Full Payment of $380

Payment plan of 4x $99