Cosmic HomeComing

Personalized soul empowerment retreat

It is my great honor to offer you

THE experience

that once completely shifted my life.

I anchored in a matter of days on such a sacred journey in a version of myself, I used to only dream before.

A retreat, an energy, a conscious decision towards mastery, well-being, and a power-filled presence.


An opportunity and an invitation to step out of this world and experience your soul, up close and personal.

Tosa Blue Mountain, deep in the mountains of the Andes in Ecuador, is a cosmic portal of crystalline energies, with energetic sites and experiences unlike any, and parallel to a very few on this planet.

It is also a boutique retreat hotel.


Surrounded, supported, held, and loved by this energy you will be guided on a personalized cosmic process, a personalized retreat, aimed at maximizing your intention, your effort, your stay.


A date with the universe. A connection to the sacred heart of oneness. A chance to connect with and celebrate our cosmic heritage and our divine mission on the planet right now.




Pampering your soul, body, energy, with the highest energies, the clearest and purest vibrational food (vegan/vegetarian), the most alive, and aligned energies you can ask for.


Taking a walk through one of the sacred trails, sitting under one of the golden ratio pyramids, leaning against the wisdom tree, or floating on the water in the Water Therapy Center in between your sessions as you walk your journey, opening up to new energies, and shedding those you are ready to release!


7 days and 7 nights, all-inclusive (except airfare) retreat. A sacred, refreshing, vitalizing, empowering, purpose igniting yet relaxing adventure. 


All your food, water, snacks, transport to airport, lodging, a wellness massage, water therapy center and hours worth of walking ground, ALL included PLUS


8 hours of 1:1 work with Indiiyah and some extra community time to hang out and connect more!


For the first few (and only for bookings up until mid-June) the complete price is only $2222.


Get out of the stress and restriction of the world. 

Come to a safe and clean, and above all high vibrational retreat center, where every minute will be a huge GIFT to your energy and your inner world.



Contact me for a personalized retreat flow suggestion.


Email me (click here), and share the following to apply:


If anything was possible what would you want the 7 days to bring to your life? What is your intention?

Where are you in your life now, and where do you wish to go?


How ready do you honestly feel to let go of your excuses?

"This is THE time we have been 

waiting for. You are ready NOW, we need you NOW.

Your dreams, your creativity, your life, it ALL matters. 

Time to take yourself seriously, so the world and the universe can see you for who you truly are, In all your divine glory!"