Cosmic Mystic Vision Quest

Ecuador 2020 

Detach the noise and chaos of the world,

re-discover your cosmic center and anchor in your soul essence!

Do you want to connect to your soul, past all distractions, even past the ego and the story you lived so far?

Do you wish to experience rapid empowerment and a sudden rise in vibration and consciousness that will leave you forever changed?

Then this retreat is for you.

I invite you to a 4-night retreat in the Andes, at a rare high dimensional portal the TOSA Blue Mountain sanctuary.

Swim in energies that make remembering your cosmic self easy.

Relax and fully recharge yourself.

Embark on a true vision quest, a journey of awakening and homecoming.

"There is a peace and tranquility here that defies words and is waiting for you to connect with once more! Abundant trees of stunning varieties, flowers, birds and stunning views are all here! As a property of nearly 25 acres and cradled on the Andean mountainside, there are onsite hiking trails, waterfalls, 2000+-year-old petroglyphs and so much more for you to explore!"

This pristine energy portal can offer you many wonders, both within and around in lush and magical nature sites that are still humming with ancient energies.

The Cosmic Mystic Vision Quest will take you through unique ceremonial harvesting of San Pedro plants and several guided meditative journeys. 


You will meet your soul, your higher essence and will gain insights unlike any before in the safest and supportive way.


A truly sacred moment, an ignition of new heights in your journey of awakening. 


You can read in-depth about San Pedro here and it is not mandatory to ingest it to take part in the journey though it is highly recommended:

The retreat is all-inclusive, all your meals are included and the use of the amenities on-site (several meditation and relaxation spots).

It also includes:

*Harvest and journey of San Pedro

*Cosmic Past Life Regression for each participant

*Day trip to Ingapirca the only Inca goddess temple

*your own personalized energy tool kit

Extra is

*Airport-transport (with the retreats centers private van and driver)

*If needed a pre- or post-retreat hotel stay based on your flight connection

The exact retreat dates are to be announced in February!

Sacred Exchange is $1210

Airport transport is $135 each way and can be divided as the van can be shared by 6 people.

My goal is to organize all in one van ( or two) but be aware that would your flight come in at a completely different time you will still need to take the transport and cover the costs.

Drive is approx. 4 hours (depending on the airport, but closer flights tend to be more)

2 x $610



Full payment of $1210



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