Channeled Ascended Life Coaching,

Packages and Single Sessions

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Life Transformation


If you are ready to go all in, and choose your awakening no matter what. 

4-month intensive commitment

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Short Term Intensive

If all you need is one big boost

in energy and support, if you want to quickly quantum leap to tn next level.

4-week commitment

Call Packages

Weekly, bi-weekly call and energy healing packages.

If what you need is just some support to enhance your mastery.

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Channeled Readings

Channeled soul-reading sessions

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When you say "YES" top your truth, you give the universe the opportunity to support you in unprecedented ways!

Rainbow Waterfall

Life Transformation



Enter The Portal and leave forever changed. 


Liberating women through the power of awakening.  


The divine feminine self-realization, healing, empowerment 

, and ascension program- because you and your life need and deserve you happy. 


You deserve 




Untamed spirit 

Freedom to manifest 

Creative expression 

Effortless and abundant life 


Are you ready? 


The rise of the goddess is here. 

The time to unleash the female creators, the carriers of the fountains of possibilities encoded in their DNA and form. 


The Divine Feminine must rise, in all its forms and all its glory. 

Manifest in confident empowered women, who are badasses through all their endeavors, who love life and themselves. 


I could write pages about the cosmic magic that women are and our importance and critical role in the global awakening. 


But instead, let me get real and "human" with you. 


Being a woman sucks. 


Ok, it is getting better. 

But the shift has just begun and the truth is, the more cosmic one, is that we need those who are brave enough to simply let the old go, let their limitations fall away, those who are willing to claim their divinity and start creating and living in the new world through their own lives. We need them now. 



We need YOU to be successful and happy in all areas of your life. 

Because that IS your service. 

That is your mission. 


To be the change in action. 


The world needs women, who are willing to go against the system, the enforced gender roles, and who dare to be unapologetic about their power and all their divinely beautiful aspects. And do so from an ascended and heart-centered space. 


Not with the middle finger up. 

But with a strong and empowered open heart. 



Empowered women, who love their bodies, who love their feminity, who feel empowered to make decisions, who rock their dreams, their businesses with effortless joy. Who own their pasts, their wounds and dare to rise in their perfect imperfection. 


And you are one of them. 

The world needs you. 

You need you. 

Your life, your dreams, your family. 

You are needed. But not in the depleted and abusive way we got used to. 


You are needed to FLY. to SOAR. To never ever feel small again- 


and to state the obvious again, being a woman is no easy mission, especially when you are WITH a mission. 

So having help is truly priceless, a support system that can assist you with everything. 

An all in one package aimed at the complete transformation of your inner and outer world experience, a vortex to help you reborn in your truth. 


To have such support truly makes all the difference.  

Be present to your life, all the precious moments with an empowered and relaxed energy. 


Take it all in. 

Create it all. 


And fulfill your mission. 

There is no way to try to fit the magic of this program into a short and sassy description, so here is a list of things we will do/could do in the program, but since each of you are so unique, it can be a mix of these, something else too, or any variable you bring forth: 




*Making all the spiritual wisdom applicable and tangible in your life 


*Mental and emotional resolution: working through all the blocks and inner limitations and fractions, bringing previously started healing to completion, creating an aligned internal world, all set and armed with amazing tools to keep the growth going even after we are done 


*Mindset reprograming 


*Trauma and anxiety resolution 


*Past life work 


*Shadow work 


*Inner child healing and completion 


*Sexuality healing 


*Teaching you how to dimension shift and how to master energy 


*In-depth energy healing and clearing (often we carry stuff from past lives and other existence as well, I work with your energy in all dimensions, through all lifetimes) 


*Discovering and/or further igniting your gifts and abilities 

*Nourishment and lifestyle support and alignment 


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 


All of this is fueled by a cosmic and ascended consciousness, the one I also live by, and that works even on the days of humanness, or low energy, of being "off". 

Because true ascended empowerment is not a feeling. 

It is not some bubbly fake positive bypass. 


It is deep as the cosmos. It enriches you and makes you feel invincible even on crappy days. It makes you LOVE all of life and be ready to handle all of it with ease. 


You are limitless. The universe is limitless. I am limitless and a channel. 

The 3 of together know NO limitation so if you resonate with the energy and feel a call, this program can do anything for you. 

There is an “if” however. You must be willing to do the work and commit fully. 

When we completely surrender to our awakening and divine empowerment our entire life changes. All of it. People may leave (and we must let them), our entire circle of friends may shift, our understanding of who we are will never be the same. 

This program will trigger, challenge, and offer incredible opportunities and it will give you exactly as much as you are willing to put in.


Because no one can save you. 

Only you can free your own self, and it takes work, willingness, and dedication. 

The program includes 16 weekly 60 min calls (and their recordings). 

Weekly energy healing, and 3 days a week unlimited messenger support. 

Your sacred investment is $1600/month. (for full payment discount or other payment plans, feel free to ask). 

Click here to apply, let Indiiyah know why you wish to sign up and your time zone so we may set up your discovery call!

Rainbow Waterfall

Short Term Intensive


Whatever is it you seek support with, this program will take ALL of your life aspects to the next level and beyond.

This 4-week experience is a deep connection with your soul essence and your support team, offering you the messages and energies you need most and also tending to any questions or needs you have yourself. The main goal is the significant rise in energy and consciousness.


With 4 channeled coaching calls, 4 in-depth crystalline chamber healings plus a bonus recorded meditation, and Ascended Numerology reading, you are sure to receive an extraordinary boost!

If you are willing to put in the work and follow through with all the guidance you receive, this can very well be the experience to remember for many years to come as the moment, that changed it all.

The program is available $1222 (one-time payment).

With your commitment and the support of the universe, anything is possible and I am honored to hold the gates open for you to receive all you need.

Click here to apply, let Indiiyah know why you wish to sign up

(this program does not require a discovery call)

Rainbow Waterfall

Call Packages


If you are looking for less intensive coaching, you can choose from the following call packages. These are weekly or bi-weekly calls to support you on your journey and do not include energy healing or messenger support. (Starting at a minimum of 2-months)

2- months of weekly 60-minute calls

(8 calls in total)


2-months of bi-weekly 60-minute calls

(4 calls in total)


4-months of weekly 60-minute calls

(12 calls in total)


4-months of bi-weekly 60-minute calls

(8 calls in total)


The programs can be paid in full or in monthly installments.

Click here to apply, let Indiiyah know why you wish to sign up and the package of your choice!

Rainbow Waterfall

Channeled Readings


Indiiyah has been cosmically open and in communion with other realms, angels, ascended masters, and our benevolent cosmic brethren all her life.  


she always "knew" things, had incredible and almost scary accurate premonitions, and always enjoyed incredibly supportive guidance. 

Over a decade ago,  she finally anchored in her truth, that she was not crazy ( as a child and young adult she often worried her family and even herself about these "conversations"), and embraced that she was gifted with the blessing of being a channel in service of humanity. 


Since then she has channeled thousands of messages, both for the general public and in the form of readings. 


She uses no divination tools for the reading, all you receive comes through directly from your guides and cosmic support teams.


These readings are an opportunity for an in-depth connection with our divinity, and our beloved cosmic supporters. They go well beyond the spoken word as they function as energy transmissions as well. 



If you would like a channeled reading session you have 2 options.

30min live reading (and recording)


60min live reading (and recording)



All sales are final.