The world is ready for you beloved master.

It is time to be seen!

All-encompassing life integration, ascension, and business launch coaching.

Your sacred soul mission is to be the voice of the new world AND live the most joyful and abundant life, so you may support the awakening of our planet through your example and presence.


. And while there are a million ways in which you can do that, one thing is for sure, you have to be seen!

You have to be willing to get out there, show yourself, and honor your gifts and wisdom. 

The world needs you, deep down you know that, yet there is doubt and worry in your energy where you could have trust and abundance.

The fact that you are here, researching a business launch program IS your sign.

Thet you are not meant to sit on the sidelines. 

And this program is uniquely designed to help you on all fronts.

Starting with the foundation of it all, YOU and your energy, integrating all your work so far, creating a supportive energetic environment while empowering your mastery AND of course all the 3D business stuff such as a webpage, marketing, visibility, offers, etc. all with a truly cosmic channeled flare.

True crystalline ascension wisdom, energy healing, life coaching, and the resulting energy mastery to help you anchor way past the limitations of this 3rd-dimensional realm and assist you in owning your power and running your mission in a limitless, abundant, and soul-aligned way.

The program includes:

4-month of intensive support

Business Coaching:

  • Creating your offers, pricing, marketing, and visibility strategy

  • Channeled visual branding for your webpage and FB page and/or group

  • Content creation support

  • Website made for you (with Wix)


Life coaching:

  • Unlimited energy healing

  • Mindset and energy coaching

  • Trauma and/or block release

  • Channeled mastery ignition

  • Confidence ignition

  • Crystalline consciousness activation

  • A caring, honest, supportive presence

You don't need to play it small.

You just need the right approach to make it BIG!

This program will make you feel safe, loved, understood, highly informed, and ready, confident, and absolutely thrilled to run your own business and show up to be seen!

So who am I to be so confident in all I have to offer you?

My background gives me the opportunity to support you in the most well-rounded way possible (just the highlights, because yes there is more):

  • I am a channel, psychic, multidimensional master healer and soul mission activator

  • Also a quantum clairvoyant, past life regressionist, crystalline consciousness teacher

  • Shaman, medium, spirit healer and soul guide 

  • and on a more 3D level, I also have a lot to offer you:

  • 3 years in Business B.A program of the University of 

  • 6 years in  the Sigmund Freud University, Psychotherapy as Science

  • 10 years in Hungary's most well-known self-development studio

  • 6 years as a professional snowboarder (athletes are mindset pros!)

  • 10 years Locomotiv Kft Hungary award-winning marketing company(my families business so I guess we can say entrepreneurship runs in my veins)

  • 5 years of running my own 5 star and multiple 6-figure wellness spa

  • 4 years of being online, learning all there is to know about running a successful online business

  • and last but not least, a published author in my native country, and a photoshop wizard who will help you create channeled magical art for your online presence.

I have also been devoted to my spiritual path for over a decade, channeling thousands of messages, working with hundreds of people as a coach and energy healer.

By the time we are done, you will be excited to run your business and will have all you need to do so with ease. 

Your time is here, and the universe is waiting for YOU to show up and say yes. 


(Just click the link and let me know your time zone or city so I can check my current availability)

This program is valued over $17.000 (if all calls, sessions, and support would be purchased separately) but in this format, your sacred investment  (your big yess to the universe, because make no mistake, freebies will never get us as far as investing in our dreams) is $6888, payment plans available! 

We often believe that we must wait for some special sign or the circumstances to align in a special way, but the truth is, the universe is waiting for us to give the sign that we are ready and for us to step up and take action. So act! Now!