Mentorship 2021, The Time To Commit to Your Life

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2021 is THE year to commit to yourself and your dreams.

Time to accept that it is not a selfish act.

Your self-love, and commitment to your inspiration, and the inner call that tells you there is more waiting for you, is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Your greatest service is your energy.

This lifetime, this era on our planet is unlike any other.

You chose to be here AND you were also chosen to be here.

Living the same way, doing the same things, will ALWAYs result in the same experiences.

We must take action to create lasting and meaningful change.

How could we serve and save our planet, better our society

if we are not willing to start with our own lives?

There is not a right time. We do not need to wait for a sign.

We need to listen to our hearts, DECIDE and TAKE ACTION.

The Mastery Mentor coaching experience is a wonderful way to claim outstanding support so that you can accomplish the shift with greater ease and in much less time. And also with a special discount as I have significantly reduced my regular prices to make this as affordable as possible.

As a channel, master energy healer, and coach with over 15 years of experience in working with people, you will be in knowledgeable and experienced hands during your journey! There are also over 10 spiritual modalities that I can additionally call on to support you and all your needs!

 "She is responsible, responsive, and working for the highest good. She has true integrity and a sincere heart. All these attributes translate to a guide and healer who brings deep care to her amazing and truly transformational work. The energies Indiiyah works with are of the highest and are indeed quantum."

Jess Juntunen

"What can I even say.

healing on the deepest level.

A love more steady and unconditional than I have allowed myself to experience before.

Someone who believes in me to the point that I cannot help but believe in myself and start trusting my own power."

Denise Heisler

It matters not where you are on the journey.

All you need for this program is a sincere and willing heart to follow guidance and put in the work. If you do so, results are guaranteed.

The topics I can support you with are literally limitless:

from mindset reprogramming, energy master (from the basics or at an advanced level), helping release inner mental, emotional blocks, past life healing, all types of energy healing, trauma resolution, confidence training and so much more. If you are unsure, feel free to email me with your needs and I will get back to you. You can message me HERE.

You can choose from two options:

The full program every month offers you:

Weekly remote energy healing and a short channeled guidance audio every Monday.

Bi-weekly coaching calls / 60 min (and their recording)

The regular price would be $899/month however you can receive this opportunity

for only $499/month with a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly plan.

The program starts with a minimum commitment of 4-months

(6-12 suggested but you can decide that later on).


A gift membership in the Mystery School of Ascension and the Cosmic Ascension alignment for the duration of your program!

OR You can alternatively opt for the following option:

1x 60 min call and 2 remote healing sessions a month + a Cosmic Ascension Alignment membership and

your sacred investment for this option is $222

MESSAGE ME to apply!