Ascension Support Sacred Memberships

The wait is over, the global ascension is in full swing and EVERYONE who finds the courage in their hearts to fully commit to their awakening makes a HUGE difference in the unfolding of our planetary experience.

Yes, YOU matter.

Your life matters, every moment of every day.

Your ability to affect this planet is greater than you think.

It is not about "making it" or claiming any sort of social status.

That can be part of the journey but what matters the most is your heart and energy.

Every breath. Every moment of conscious presence.

You are a miracle and these two memberships will be of great support on your journey!

The Mystery School of Ascension mentor program and the Cosmic Ascension Alignment are both divinely guided, channeled sacred support experiences that are meant to offer guidance, encouragement, and empowerment through these turbulent times!


The Mystery School of Ascension

17 days of sacred divine teaching sessions AND the rest of the month you get to ask for any class/healing/support you need


Cosmic Ascension Alignement 

Make the most of all great cosmic events with a channeled energetic ceremony. Every new and full moon, every ascension uplevel and great cosmic alignment!

The Mystery School




A mentor experience!

Getting high-value support every month for a very affordable investment!

The cosmic realms of crystalline consciousness have come forth to deliver us all the wisdom, all the tools we need to thrive through the awakening process! We are so loved, the support is constant!

The Mystery School of Ascension offers the map, the guidance and encouragement that one needs to be able to rise above the pull of the limited 3rd-dimensional realm and to anchor in the 5th and above!

You receive the first of every month a guidance and wellness package for the days ahead, followed by 17 days of divine lessons of ascension, based on the Divine Insoulment Library of the Yoga of Self-ascension, all the sacred books delivered through the sacred art of channeling called "insoulment" that were lost through the ages and the burnings of ancient libraries.

In the second half of the month, you shape the content!

You can share any questions you may have, any issue you want support with and Indiiyah will deliver classes, healing sessions, meditations etc.

Anything and everything to support the submitted requests!

And this is not all! 

There are timely events, channeled sessions, processes, always based on divine guidance to support the times at hand!

The next additional event will be from the 1st of January

through the 10th of April.

100 Days of Ascension Alignment

Every day you will receive an ascension task!

It is time to LIVE our commitment.

No more excuses.

Every day, for 100 days, commit 15 minutes a day to complete your assignments, journaling, meditation, etc so that you may truly anchor in a new timeline and experience for 2021.

You have two options to sign up for the membership.


The "50% off" price and the full price (both available in monthly or bi-weekly plans).

Indiiyah chose to make both permanently available and she leaves it to your integrity to choose. If you can afford the full price, go for it! It is still considered affordable, since you even get to have personalized support every month, by receiving the support material you requested!

And if that feels out of your reach, then go for the discounted investment!

Full sacred investment monthly

Full sacred investment bi-weekly

Offer discounted sacred investment monthly

Offer discounted sacred investment bi-weekly

Cosmic Ascension Alignment


Make the most of the cosmic alignments!

Every month a channeled energetic ceremony for the new and the full moon AND for all major planetary alignments and cosmic ascension uplevel moments!

Depending on the month you can accept 3-5 sacred ceremonies.

Your cosmic uplevel calendar and support container!

If Indiiyah's work resonates with you, you will LOVE this membership!

Your monthly sacred investment is only