“it pretty much bursts from her smile and eyes and voice. Her being radiates and it touches all. She has dedicated herself to her work here and to assisting others to truly soar and be free to uncover their own healing and gifts. She is responsible, responsive, and working for the highest good. She has true integrity and a sincere heart. All these attributes translate to a guide and healer who brings deep care to her amazing and truly transformational work. The energies Indiiyah works with are of the highest and are indeed quantum.”

Jess Juntunen

"What can I even say.

healing on the deepest level.

A love more steady and unconditional than I have allowed myself to experience before.

Someone who believes in me to the point that I cannot help but believe in myself and start trusting my own power.

Indiiyah has swooped in, and I feel she has truly peered into my soul and seen my deepest essence. She understands my past traumas and loves me through healing them, however she will never allow me to ever stay in victim mode. She always knows exactly what to say to help me feel like I can empower myself.

She has both a powerful understanding of the human psyche and an absolute cosmic mastery. She has helped me to ground to new levels and shift dimensions like I have never experienced. and I have full and complete trust that by the end of my time working with her, my life will look completely different than it did when I started.

She is the best cosmic Mama I could have asked for and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. thank you Indiiyah!!!!"

Denise Heisler

Indiiyah is a cosmic priestess who takes you on a journey of miraculous shifts in your ascension process. She is a magical channel of sorts. Work with her if you wish to unravel your true essence. 🔺️

Sandra Marquez

This is a very spiritually evolved women who has amazing energy & gifts . She was able to zone in on exactly what I have been going through & feeling plus was able to help me feel at ease & more positive all around . I highly recommend a reading with her .

Tammy Anne

Indiiyah is a beautiful soul and her channellings connect you to beings of the highest dimensions offering clarity and wisdom. She is not afraid to go into the dark places and bring the wisdom from her own wealth of experiences to support others. I'm truly blessed to know her ❤️

Katie Holland

"I am the type of person who has done workshops and therapy and read voraciously all the self help and personal growth my entire life, but I must say NEVER was I prepared for the ease and speed of progress that I have found in working with Indiiyah ... she is the real deal! It's like she has backstage access to information and insight and her way of working fits your schedule and pace and morphs into an extremely personalized program! I was not prepared for the earth shattering and mind blowing understanding of brand new levels of insight, this stuff works! It's fast and it's real and it's different, and it shows up producing lasting shifts to really catapult one forward!! I can't say enough! And if you are feeling a nudge or a pull, go with it! Work with her! You'll be so thankful you did.." 

..... I look forward to continuing working together as we continue to grow beyond our wildest dreams.. ”

T. Chambers

“Working with Indiiyah is nothing less than magical.To anyone who wishes to progress on their path to awakening, no matter how big or small: call Indiiyah. Do any kind of work with her you can.”

Donna Brown

“Working with Indiiyah has been incredible. I’ve invested in many coaching programs before but this one was completely different to anything I have every experienced. Indiiyah’s gifts and her ability to know what areas need to be worked on and addressed are truly unique”

Rachel Foy

with her help, I was able to break through

barriers that had been keeping me stuck for years.

She had the right combination of insight, intuition and healing tools to help me push further than I have ever pushed. She held space for me. Sometimes she held my hand. We went deep.

The results have been exactly what I wanted.

More ease, more visibility and more clients resulting in more income.

I am living the life I have always wanted to live.

Indiiyah was exactly what i needed to get there.

Deanna Wessman

“ if you're ready to get UNSTUCK, to push through habits and layers of past issues... even if they don't seem "that bad" and waver up and down but have persisted in beliefs and patterns that have you returning to the same feelings over and over - it truly is amazing to finally let go and be free - relief and a future of possibilities, joy, ease and flow I love that this program is different for each individual person”

Faren Perterson

I am very picky about who I let in my space! I don't do deep readings where I open up my space to everyone. But I allowed her, and boy was it worth it.

I must give credit where credit is due. She's amazing. I love love love her work! And she is amazing, kind and very caring too❤

Violet Moon

“her works are beyond beyond amazing and will be a game changer for you no matter the level of your growth and evolution.
Literally anyone can immensely benefit from her work and support and I am strong testimony to it!
So I highly recommend that if you are called to do check out and sign up for her works immediately!!!

Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi

Indiiyah was really among the few mentors I felt being seen at soul level. All my book was open to her and she knew exactly what needed to be addressed. The sessions I had with her were magical and helped me tremendously with my up leveling emotionally and spiritually. She is kind, extremely sensitive, gifted and skilled and above all, SHE CARES wholeheartedly about the person she is working with. Talking to her and being in her presence facilitates foundational shifts as she is the direct channel to SOURCE. I was vibrating during the session and the day after!!! If you feel stuck and not sure which way to take she is definitely the one to work with for Real RESULT, being held and gaining clarity.

M. Zare

Indiiyah completely hit the mark with my reading. She had me in tears within 30 seconds and I’m beyond excited to see how my future unfolds with this new knowledge and Indiiyah as my guide. I have known most of what she relayed deep down but for various reasons, I’ve resisted (a lot like shadow work!). She gave me a wonderful point to start from and the courage to start moving towards tapping into what I possess within. Thank you so much for all you do Indiiyah and for sharing your blessings with those of us who seek healing. Love and Light

Kelli Roy