awakening acceleration and master coach training program

Express your cosmic divine truth through your work, claim your power, receive 4 certifications and 

learn the ins and outs of being an exceptional coach.

It is time for you to enjoy the abundance of a work that brings you joy and soul-fulfillment.

8 months from now you will launch your own business, backed with stable confidence, vast knowledge, and an extensive array of tools, making you a powerhouse Cosmic Coach! 

In this extended version of the business launch coaching intensive, you will not only receive life and business coaching and the perfectly aligned business launch experience but also be trained to become a coach, 

by master healer and master coach Indiiyah Aum Ra'aa, sharing with your her experience of 15 years of working in the field.

And that is still not all, you will also become a certified

Ascended Numerologist™

Cosmic Life Regressionist™

Quantum Clarivoyant™

and AVESA™ energy healer.

Start your own business, work on your own terms, create the abundance you desire, while expanding and honoring your gifts and mission. 

For 8 months you will be receiving in-depth integrational life coaching (bringing the pieces all together) and also extensive training on how to use your abilities and how to be the most potent and integrous coach.

while you will also walk through the 4 certification programs, 

Indiiyah has been trained as a psychotherapist and has been working with people long before the onset of her spiritual awakening. In this program, she will teach you tools to support your future clients both on a human and on a soul level.



Shine brightly, live freely,

embrace your mastery.

The program includes :

  • guided coaching practice (with real clients, helping you build confidence and getting you past the initial fear and doubt phase),

  • energy mastery training,

  • mastery support through the 4 certification programs, 


  • Finding your tribe and style

  • Creating your offers, pricing, marketing, and visibility strategy

  • Channeled visual branding for your webpage and FB page and/or group

  • Content creation support

  • Website made for you (with Wix)


  • Unlimited energy healing

  • Mindset and energy coaching

  • Trauma and/or block release

  • Channeled mastery ignition

  • Confidence ignition

  • Crystalline consciousness activation

  • A caring, honest, supportive presence

Plus extra office hours (on top of the weekly calls) 2 days a week. 

This program will give your EVERYTHING you need to start and run a successful business. 

Indiiyah's background gives her the opportunity to support you in the most well-rounded way possible (just the highlights, because yes there is more):

  • She is a channel, psychic, multidimensional master healer and soul mission activator

  • Also a quantum clairvoyant, past life regressionist, crystalline consciousness teacher

  • Shaman, medium, spiritual healer and soul guide 

  • and on a more 3D level:

  • 3 years in Business B.A program of the University of 

  • 6 years in  the Sigmund Freud University, Psychotherapy as Science

  • 10 years in Hungary's most well-known self-development studio

  • 6 years as a professional snowboarder (athletes are mindset pros!)

  • 10 years Locomotiv Kft Hungary award-winning marketing company

  • 5 years of running her own 5 star and multiple 6-figure wellness spa

  • 4 years of being online, learning all there is to know about running a successful online business

  • and last but not least, a published author in her native country, and a photoshop wizard who will help you create channeled magical art for your online presence.

I have also been devoted to my spiritual path for over a decade, channeling thousands of messages, working with hundreds of people as a coach and energy healer.

If this makes your heart jump and soul sing, best to hop on a discovery call to get a real good view oh the entire experience and if it is the right one for you.

Yes, book me a call, let me send you my time zone!

The sacred investment into this exciting choice to claim an empowered version of your life experience 

is $1777 / month or $13.000 paid in full. 

(Valued over $35.000 if purchased separately)

This includes the certification programs, 8 months of training and coaching, practice client experience, FB and Wix web design, branding and launch, unlimited energy healing.



(the certification programs are the intellectual property of the Temple of Self-Ascension, and have been the fundamental structure upon which Indiiyah has built her own energetic work as well. The certifications will be issued through them as well.)

IT IS YOUR TIME. Make the world a better place, and take control of your quality of life.