The Essene Circle

Ascended Mastery Mentor Membership

All the coaching, healing, guidance you need to thrive, with

the unconditional love of an ascended community in a monthly affordable format!

Imagine living a life in complete, conscious, uplifted alignment. 

Imagine saying only what you know is true in your ascended heart. 

Living in full, transparent, naked authenticity. 

And in return only receiving the full, aligned, and abundant support of the universe. 

The Essene Circle is a high-vibration crystalline energy and wisdom vortex, that offers you ongoing inspiration, strength, energy support, and rapid ascension acceleration every month. 

Claiming reliable support through our awakening journey is crucial, as times are getting more and more intense and chaotic. Choosing the right, soul-aligned community, where you can feel at home, makes all the difference. We are not meant to be in this alone, especially that true awakening is still rarely supported in the world. 

The monthly program will offer you a new easy to do, daily energy practice routine every month,

17 teaching/ascended coaching videos, several meditations, channeled healing processes, and more!


A continuous energy affirmation of your awakening, that can indeed help you stay on track, stay anchored in your commitment and continue to grow.


If you follow through with all the videos, assignment, journaling support (even if you binge on them a few times a month instead of doing it daily) it will bring you great clarity, direction, and uplifting encouragement on your path. 

Who are the Essene


The Es-see-nah, or as we more commonly know them the “Essene” have lived this true way for eons before the energy went dormant and now the time of revival has arrived. 

The Cosmic Essene has now returned, both in incarnated physical form and in formless form supporting the awakening of our planet. 


They are the original healers and supporters of our planet; the pure light presence and they are ready to be ignited in your heart as well once again. 

The Essene circle is based on the Es-see-nah practice of 17. 

In the past, an Essene would spend 17 years in conscious verbalization until every word spoken would only offer joyous upliftment, the foundational energy of awakening. 17 years until they were the anchored beacon of light of their true soul nature. 

In this group program experience, we spend the first 17 days of each month, in an energy container, with daily channeled teachings based on the insouled books of the Essene that we were blessed to receive once again, and channeled healing activations/meditations. You will also receive at the beginning of the month an energy practice routine, that you are then invited to follow for 17 days (or even for the whole month!)

And that is not all, in-depth articles, extra meditations, and journaling support every month PLUS in-depth energy report at the beginning of each month!!

You get every month:

*Over 5 hrs of original content

*Channeled wisdom teachings based on the Insouled books of the Cosmic Essene and the Ascended Masters in conjunction with the Archangelic Realm

*Several energy meditations, healings, and ignitions

*Monthly in-depth energy forecast

*Journaling and other assignments

*One 60 min live group coaching call

All you need to thrive! And as the group grows in the future additional extras will appear too!


Whether you track with it every day or binge-watch them, matters not. You will be held in a sacred container of unconditional love and limitless expansion every single day.

Every day at 9 am PT a live video (or occasionally a recorded one) will be released, with the daily energy and wisdom infusion.  


Joining and committing to this experience will offer you a crystalline vortex of support and protection through your day to day life, with invaluable revelations that are sure to guide you to peace and trust, even in these chaotic times. 

The shared material can also function as a guiding force for your own self-healing, self-exploration, and growth.

The monthly daily energy practice can offer you a sense of ease and renewed energy alignment in your daily self-care routine (or give you one if you had none) and the daily videos will ignite your greater mastery and soul-aligned truth.


The experience is a membership-based program that can be entered and left at any time, with a simple cancelation. 

And the hundreds of pages of insouled texts can also be accessed for free here

You can even take a look at some sample videos here 

and if you would like to try a full month for free, join the Divine Feminine Sanctuary

where you can access an entire 17-day process!



You can choose from the following membership options (all offer a monthly and a bi-weekly payment plan) 

Membership Type.               Monthly           Bi-weekly

Community member: Private FB group with 17 support videos every month.

Community member extra: Private FB group with 17 support videos every month plus a personalized channeled audio message at the beginning of each month (approx 10 min.)

Mentorship: Private FB group with 17 support videos every month plus a 30 min 1:1 coaching call each month.

Mentorship extra: Private FB group with 17 support videos every month plus a 60 min 1:1 coaching call each month.

$55.                            $27.50

$99                            $49.50

$199                            $99.50

$244                              $122

Early-bird offer: sign up before the 20th and get a membership level upgrade for your first month PLUS a bonus Essene healing ignition!