Your support system through a fulfilling and successful ascended life.

Ignite and embrace your mastery, wisdom, wholeness, and BE the answer to all your needs as you open 

up for your greater truth, the potential of our times and the mission you are destined to fulfill: being the pioneer of a new world. 

YOU and your energy ARE your service. 

Every single moment of every single day of YOUR life matters.


Matters not only to you and your soul growth but to this ENTIRE planet.  

The time is HERE. 


This is what we waited for, what we have trained for hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes. 

The wait is over, it is all happening as you read these words. 

The global awakening is here and YOU have an important role you play. 

You are meant to hold space for anchoring of a new world, a new energetic alignment. 

Yet there are powerful forces, that demand control over you, your life, and energy, seeking to stop you from remembering who you truly are. 

But you are stronger than that. You are an all-powerful cosmic light being having a human experience and this community, this sacred space of crystalline wisdom and ascension energies is here to support you. 

It is designed to give you all you need, every month so that your ascension process may be much more effortless and momentum filled. 

What you get each month:

  • 17 ascended wisdom teaching videos with the guidance of the Cosmic Essene, Ascended Masters, and the Archangelic Realms teaching you ALL you need to ascend while in form. From how to deal with the glñobal chaos, to how to master your mind and self, to incredible energetic tools and codes of ascension.

  • Every Sunday an Ascended Wellness package with guided "body meditation" videos, journaling, a channeled healing audio

  • Countless energy activated images and additional ascension attunements and activations

  • Sacred Mayan fire ceremonies

  • AND MORE! All I am guided to share, all messages and support that comes through.

You are a master. Otherwise, you would not be here, now, in physical form. That is a fact. And the main intention of this Mystery School experience is to remind you of your truth. 

As you walk through the lessons, energy practices, and meditations, you will remember who you are and why you are here.

You will reignite your power, remember your divinity and you will

become the greatest source of joy and abundance, not only for yourself, but for the greater whole.

Why 17 videos? Who are the Essene?


The Es-see-nah, or as we more commonly know them the “Essene” are the original healers and supporters of our planet; they have been known by many names, through different cultures. The soul group that has accepted the mission of protecting, guiding, and supporting this experience we refer to as "humanity".

The energy has been dormant for the past 2000 tears but now it is ready to be revived and to be ignited in your heart as well once again. 

The Cosmic Essene has now returned, both in incarnated physical form and in formless form supporting the awakening of our planet.  

In the past, an Essene would spend 17 years in conscious verbalization until every word spoken would only offer joyous upliftment, the foundational energy of awakening. 17 years until they were the anchored beacon of light of their true soul nature. 

In this group program experience, we spend the first 17 days of each month, in an energy container, with daily channeled teachings based on the insouled books of the Essene/Ascended Masters/Archangels that we were blessed to receive once again, and channeled healing activations/meditations. You will also receive at the beginning of the month an energy practice routine, that you are then invited to follow for 17 days (or even for the whole month!)

Some video examples:

Walking with Gaia Meditation

Mastering the mind:

The Ascended Wellness Package

Balance, of the heart/mind/body/soul IS the foundation of a successfully integrated ascended life. 

We cannot deny any of our beautiful aspects. It is the sacred union of them, that we came to experience.

But often one or the other calls to us more loudly, we easily get overwhelmed by life events and we fall off the path of self-love and self-support.

The weekly wellness packages will ensure that you have all you need to make all of your "selves" feel cared for.

They include:


  • a "body meditation" video:

A guided full-body stretching experience, helping you fall in love with your form and establish a healthy partnership while calling in supportive ascension energies to fill up your body, mind, and soul!

  • journaling exercises:

Several open-ended sentences and other journaling practices to make sure you are in touch with your innermost truth, and that you offer yourself the opportunity to be clear on the energies driving you.

  • channeled healing meditation:

Aligned with the energies of the moment, a channeled audio to offer you weekly support in the form of ascension ignitions, light codes, energy, and mind healing meditations. Always channeled, always guided!

Sample Package:

Safe and trueMystery School
00:00 / 06:14

and this is not all...

At the beginning of every month, you get an in-depth energy forecast and at the end of the month a group coaching session to answer all your questions and coaching needs.

This is a sacred call. 

To be of service.

To live your best life AS service to the greater whole.

To embrace all that you are and to willingly let go of the cycle of limitation, pain, and drama, that humanity is so deeply anchored in.

Are you ready to honor the reason why you are here?

To awaken and BE the change itself that our world needs?

If you are ready to say "yes", join us today!

Below you will see that both membership options have two prices.

A full-price and 50% off.

Why? Because I want this to be inclusive, accessible.

So I will leave it to your integrity which price you choose.

You can also choose a bi-weekly payment plan for all options.

What you invest in, matters. The 50% off can be reached by simply rethinking the grocery list. I know that by experience.

And if you are already tapped into your abundance, then I will trust you to respect my work and choose full-price as even that one is VERY generous compared to the material delivered! 

Choose from:

Mystery School of Ascension Membership


Mystery School of Ascension Membership Mentor Level

You can add a 30 min call to your monthly membership if you would enjoy 1:1 support as well!


Membership Full Price 

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Membership 50% Off

Membership + 30min call

(Valued at $555)

Membership+ 30 min call 50%

"Stop acting so small

you are the universe in ecstatic motion" Rumi